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Producer Authentic
41 god.
Rođen okt-20-1979
music & design
Pridružio/la se: 25. August 04
Pregled profila: 42,166*
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Lokalno vreme: Jan 21 2021, 15:16
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Producer Authentic


About Me
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Siniša Pećić a.k.a. Authentic

was born in 1979 in Belgrade.
He began his DJ career rather young when he opened a club in Novi Sad with his friend, where he was the resident DJ for five years, mastering his talent at the decks.
Meanwhile he played at the less well-known clubs throughout Vojvodina. The preferred genres of that time - Disco house, Chicago house and Garage, were his recipe for having a good time.

After a shorter break from DJ-ing, he started paying more attention to music scene, releases, producers, production companies, music equipment, hardware and software. As he was flowing deeper into the streams of music production, his interests only expanded. This resulted in Sinisha equipping his home studio where he started dealing with production. As a producer, he focused his refined ear and taste on tech-house sound with a glitch of deep house and elements of minimal.
Of all important names on the music scene nowadays recognized by the masses, he most values those like Nuendo, Reason, Ableton, Sonar and Kontakt. Currently he’s working on a project for two publishers Audiofase Recordings and CoffeeBreakStreet, at the same time finalizing his album and dedicating all of his free time to bringing innovation into music.

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